Millions stolen by Yanukovych are tracked down to New York City


Jody_KrissThe civil group ‘Journalists Against Corruption and Lawlessness’ pursued another investigation into the corrupt practices of Victor Yanukovych, ex-President of Ukraine.

It has been two and a half years since the team of Victor Yanukovych fled Ukraine. Ex-President`s circle managed to flee the country and to withdraw assets. Both high-ranking fugitives and their skim millions are wanted on the international arrest warrant.

According to information that Ukrainian journalists received from the law enforcement bodies, the Security Service of Ukraine has already compiled dozens volumes containing descriptions of criminal schemes used to withdraw funds from the country. One of the highlights of this remarkable governmental fraud is legalization of the Yanukovych family`s assets in the US through professional developers specializing in high-end real estate.

Jody Kriss, Principal and co-Founder of East River Partners LLC and ex-Financial Director of Bayrock Group, is one of these experts. In early 2000s Bayrock Group, the real estate investment and development company, worked on a number of properties, including Trump Soho and Trump International Hotel&Tower in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. As reported by New York Post, Jody Kriss is famous for his contacts with post-Soviet criminal world. Prosecution Services of several post-Soviet states are currently investigating clues of money laundering and investing funds in the US real estate. Over the course of investigation, such names as Semion Mogilevich, Vyacheslav Ivankov known as “Yaponchik” Aslan Usoyan or Grandpa Hassan, and other famous post-Soviet mafia bosses, came to light.

The sources report the clues on million-worth investment of Victor Yanukovych, ex-President of Ukraine, and his family in the US high-end real estate are currently being followed.

Jody Kriss is assumed to have been legalizing part of money through investing in real estate in Brooklyn and Manhattan. In fact, during Yanukovych`s presidency Jody Kriss made several visits to Russia and Ukraine where, according to the investigators` official data, he met mafia bosses and was photographed with them. As reported by the developer`s own website, since founding East River Partners in 2010, Jody Kriss has worked closely in the development of eight properties in Brooklyn and Manhattan with a combined value of over $100 million.

Investigative authorities suspect that Jody Kriss used tricky schemes to conceal the skim assets through crowdfunding, private funds, and offshore structures registered in Delaware.

A graduate of the WhartonSchool at the University of Pennsylvania, Jody Kriss is known as VorTon in the criminal world.


Andriy Shevchenko, Editor-in-Chief, ‘Journalists Against Corruption and Iniquity’ Media Non-Profit Organisation